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A variety of different motivations drove the founding
of ROOTS Berlin in 2020.

Our shared goal was clear: we aim for a fairer and
more inclusive society. Central to this mission is the creation of safer spaces for the Community of Color. These spaces serve not only as gathering points
but also as platforms for breaking down barriers, bolstering self-confidence, and processing trauma.

Our direct community work, combined with our broad range of expertise in areas such as social entrepreneurship, communication, event management, art direction, and diversity management, allows us to initiate positive changes in various ways. What makes our time at ROOTS particularly remarkable are the experiences we have shared – whether it is the establishment and development of our offerings, the successful collaboration with other organizations, or the inspiring encounters with members of our community. Every event and challenge has strengthened us as a team and motivated us to continue passionately and determinedly advocating for a fairer society.

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Roja Shakibaie Moghadam, Head of Partnership Management
& Communication at ROOTS, holds a Master's degree in Media
and Communication Management and has extensive experience as a Marketing Manager and Project Manager. At ROOTS, she is responsible for communication with partners and leading projects. She places great importance on meeting everyone at eye level to promote respectful and trustful collaboration.


Fily Mihan, Head of Business Development & Strategy,
Fily has a background in social business, corporate culture and event management and takes care of financial, strategic and future relevant topics at Roots. She is passionate about establishing economic approaches to create long-term structural change for the BIPoC community. In addition to her work at ROOTS, she is a hairstylist in Berlin.


Naima Nazir, Head of Compliance & Operations,brings a wealth of experience in business administration, event & diversity management. At ROOTS, her primary focus lies in developing impact measurement strategies and fostering direct community communication. She strongly believes that by displaying vulnerability and engaging in storytelling we can foster societal growth. Beyond ROOTS, Naima is a multidisciplinary creative and poet.


Chioma lisa michelle Ottakagu, Head of Creative Direction,
is an Art Director and Content Designer. In their freelance work, they utilize their creative communication skills, particularly for intersectional BIPoC and queer feminist communities. This involves employing various disciplines such as editorial design, social media conceptualization, social media content design, motion graphics, graphic design, illustration, and creative direction. At ROOTS, chioma is responsible for art direction as well as social media content and communication.

Foto credits: Foli Creppy & Johanna Berghorn

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