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At ROOTS, we are committed to uplifting and supporting BIPoC (all gender identities) and providing a safer space for FLINTA in Berlin. Our dedication lies in promoting inclusivity and understanding for all people of color, regardless of their background or ethnicity.

This includes
Black people, as well as those who identify as people of color, such as people from the Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA), Indigenous Peoples, Asian, Latin American, and other marginalised groups that we have not explicitly mentioned here.

*Southwest Asia & North Africa

2024-04-13_Sound Healing II (13 of 41).jpeg

Additionally, we also create space for the voices and experiences of FLINTA, an inclusive term that embraces individuals of diverse gender identities, including females, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans, and agender individuals.

We value the wealth of experience of our entire community
and honor self-identification. Our focus is on community-driven initiatives with special attention to holistic wellness. Join us in creating a safer, inspiring space for growth, connection and positive change in our community.

- Elizabeth Okunrobo, educational consultant/aspiring teacher

“My experiences over the past four years with roots have truly been a constant which enriched me individually but also collectively.

It deepened my understanding of community and how empowering it can be.
How essential it is to our survival as social beings and to be surrounded by people who deeply understand u.

It has been so enlightening to be allowed to practice „every day things“ from singing, drawing, writing, moving, meditating and listening as a community.
These „everyday things“ which were very many firsts for me and I am very grateful to have gotten the space to getting to know me all over again.”

- anonymous

" I always leave the workshops with a lighter heart and full of energy, and somehow also with hope. You are basically surrounded by love."

“Roots has quickly become an important part of my life in Berlin. Their spaces feel purposefully curated and there is a recurring sense of safety, softness and respect at events, among both attendees and the organising team.
Roots’ events are a physical reminder about the importance of care and community for the wellbeing of our people. Thank you Roots”

- Sabrina-Maria

"In spaces that Roots provided, I felt belonging. We all share the same thrive, I met so many beautiful souls and creatives trough these events and workshops.”

- Alissa Zaddi, Creative & DJ

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